October 10th, 2009


Random things that amused me recently

1. Dr. Who and Jack Harkness ComicCon kiss! This video made me LOL so hard when I saw it. Undoubtedly most of you have already seen it, but...haha I hope it never fails to amuse.
It's great to see that even John Barrowman has his fangirl moments.

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2. I found this ancient greek riddle in my friend's copy of Plato's Republic.

RIDDLE: A man who is not a man, threw and did not throw, a stone that was not a stone, at a bird that was not a bird, sitting and not sitting, on a tree that was not a tree.
The answer (under the cut) is a a lot funnier than it really should be. Spent a good few minutes laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of this. I can almost see Plato just sitting there, stroking his beard and whatnot, wasting his time thinking up riddles like this.

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3. Saw a guy the other day who had a prosthetic arm which ended in a large metallic hook! O_O Pretty much the highlight of my day.
First thing that popped into mind was: I wonder what Krycek would say to that.

4. And this:

Hee. That's just priceless.