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Mulder Krycek Art ~

So I've been commissioning a few pieces of fan art of Alex and Fox from a few people (who have much more artistic talent than i do! >.< ) Collecting them turned out to be more fun than I realized - so I thought I'd post them here. These are all I have so far but I'll put more up as I get them.


Preview: A Krycek sketch from kitty405 on

Krycek Sketch

Resentful teen Alex :] by tanhuritan on

These two are my favorite I think -  Krycek and Mulder by kyokou on gaia.

A rather cheeky Fox...

...and a cheekier Alex (he looks a bit too trigger-happy there don't you think? Lol):

And finally: Krycek x Mulder  - made by midnight holic on gaia

Hope you had fun looking at these! I know I did XD

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